Rich & Delicious


Hand crafted in small batches, made the

old fashioned way... with Real Butter,

Fresh Heavy Cream and

other Quality Ingredients!

Did you know? Sugar Daddy is best known for his Peanut Butter Fudge! Yup! It is, hands down, my #1 most requested flavor!

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Premium Hand Stirred, Old Fashioned Fudge

     I've managed to create a plethora of various fudge flavors over the years. I guess that's where the "Custom Creations" in my name comes in. Because when it comes to flavor combos the sky is the limit around here! And now my most popular flavors are available to you!

     My Premium Fudge is made the old fashioned way... with fresh, high quality Butter & Heavy Cream. Cooked atop the stove to precision temperature. Hand stirred. Just like my Great Grandma Schafer taught me way back when. Once finished, its removed from the heat and poured directly into the actual serving dish that you'll eventually receive. You're the boss and you'll decide how big or small your bites of fudge are gonna be!

     Each container of fudge comes with a disposable wooden knife, adorned with a ribbon and bow! Boutique Style, I guess you could say. Perfect to give as gifts ~ but you'll probably wanna just hold on to this for as long as you possibly can! 

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Side Notes:

Sugar Daddy's Premium Fudge retails for $12 per pound ~ any flavor. It comes to you in my $6 "Half Pound" container for $12. Each batch is hand stirred, then hand-packed in a plastic container and served with a disposable wooden knife.


Since I don't use any preservatives in my homemade products, I'd recommend refrigerating promptly after your purchase. Best if consumed within 10 to 12 days. Not that it'll last more than 90 minutes! Ha! It's purdy tasty!

JIF Creamy

P.B. Fudge

Choosy Bakers Choose JIF!

JIF Chocolate

P.B. Fudge

Full of Roasted Peanuts!




A Timeless Classic

Rocky Road


Choc Covered

Cherry Nut

Rocky Road

Silky Milk

 Chocolate Fudge

With Pecans OR Walnuts