Sugar Daddy's

Quick Breads

" taste the difference "

     Each one of my quick bread recipes is well over 100 years old and has definitely stood the test of time. Tried and True, there is no "improving" on these little gems ~ I think these are about as good as they could ever get! Thank God I come from a long line of talented and skilled cooks and bakers! My generations before me definitely knew what they were doing!


     From choosing the freshest ingredients available to deciding WHEN to actually begin working on my breads - these are all key factors in the end results of my product. My breads are never baked (or even mixed) until the evening before a scheduled event. It's just one more way to ensure my customers are receiving the freshest and highest quality baked goods possible. I guarantee you will taste the quality! Go ahead ~ elevate your taste buds today!

Uncle Bubbz

Banana Nut Loaf

Grandma Hardy's Fresh

Apple Pecan Loaf

Mama Linda's Garden

Fresh Zucchini Bread