A Sugar Daddy's

Original Recipe!

"My Own Twist

on a Classic"

This Sugar Daddy's "Original Treat" was invented right here in my own kitchen and they are sinful. These are some of my most heavenly creations ever. Seriously. Full of crushed toasted walnuts, premium angel flaked coconut and just a hint of almond flavor... they are truly delightful. Light and airy with the perfect chew. I should also add, they're quite addictive. I probably need to have warning labels printed for their packages! Once you taste'em, you'll understand! These little guys are available "simply naked" or in 6 delicious flavors. Try'em all!

Heath Toffee

Gourmet Macaroons


Cherry Blossom

Gourmet Macaroons



Wedding Cake

Gourmet Macaroons

52-ct Gourmet

Sampler Platter

ONLY $40

"Bountiful Harvest"

Can't decide on a flavor?

Try my Macaroon Sampler!

It's perfect for any get together.

Not only are the treats inside

super tasty and indulgent, this

platter looks beautiful on

any dessert table. It also makes

a pretty impressive gift!

Receive a baker's dozen of each

flavor; Cherry Blossom,

Wedding Cake, Heath Toffee and

my Deluxe - chocolate striped & chocolate dipped!!