Sugar Daddy's

Welcomes You!

Pierre presents...

A Sugar Daddy's

Original Recipe!

"my own twist on

the classic coconut


These are one of my most heavenly creations ever. Seriously. The base recipe for this "Original Treat" was invented right here in my own kitchen and it is sinful. Full of toasted, crushed walnuts, premium, angel flaked coconut and just a hint of almond flavor... they are truly delightful. Light and airy with the perfect chew. I should also add, they're quite addictive. I probably need to have warning labels printed for their packages! No, really... lol By the way, these will make a really awesome gift for your clients, coworkers, maybe a favorite neighbor, or whoever. They're delicious!

In the beginning, these little gems came two ways... Either "Plain Naked" or "Fully Dressed" with a chocolate ganache base and finely shredded coconut on their bottoms. Everyone that tried them said they were simply Irresistible! But... I rarely leave "good enough" alone. Ha! So, on one boring Sunday afternoon while tinkering around in the kitchen, I started adding different types of nuts and flavoring and trying new combinations. Well, I guess I missed my calling as a "Mad Scientist" but I really hit this out of the park! Every once in a while, even I GET lucky! I'm proud to say I now have EIGHT flavors to choose from. The two from my original collection AND SIX new Gourmet Flavors. I don't mean to gloat but I'm pretty proud of these little guys! And once you taste'em, you'll understand why! I suspect my tinkering & experimenting is far from over. I have other ideas that I just might have to try in the near future. Hmmm.....

Pierre, sporting a

Mini Tote from the

Gourmet Line

My totes are wrapped in

deco cellophane and trimmed

out with curling ribbons ~ perfect

for gift-giving OR keep'em

for yourself! Approx 9oz ea

Special Price... $6 Deluxe Tote

$8 Gourmet Tote, Any Flavor

Heath Toffee

Gourmet Macaroons

Chocolate Mint

Gourmet Macaroons

40ct Gourmet Sampler

Party Platter  $35

Pierre's Festive

Bountiful Harvest

My 40-ct Sampler is perfect for both casual AND formal

get-togethers. It also makes a pretty impressive gift!

Choose (4) four flavors; 10 of each! Pictured above is our 

Autumn Themed Platter. But I stock festive themed platters

for any occasion. Just in case you can't wait 'til Fall!

Your platter will arrive on a festive OR formal reusable

platter, wrapped in deco cellophane

and a beautiful bow OR curling ribbon ~ your choice!

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